Petition summary and background

Bellenden School is moving to a new site on Troy Town in February 2018.  There are currently no plans to implement any road safety measures outside the school until Summer 2018 at the earliest. 

Troy Town is used as a ‘rat run’, cars frequently drive at excessive speed and the school entrance is positioned on a blind bend in the road.  The failure to implement road safety measures is unacceptable and the school’s senior management team, board of governors and parents/carers want the road to be closed and pedestrianised to create a safe environment outside the school.

Action petitioned for

We, the undersigned, are concerned parents/carers/local residents who urge Southwark Council to act now to close Troy Town in time for the opening of the new school site in February 2018.  We want to create a safe environment for our children as they walk to, gather outside and leave school.

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