Home Learning

WOW moments

We are sure that there will be moments when you are WOWed by the new learning that your child is displaying. We would like to ask you to let us know about these moments by writing and/or taking a photo when you hear or see something they can do that makes you think … WOW!


Don’t forget to play games that allow your children to discriminate between sounds and ‘I spy’ games with your child. Learning to hear the sound at the beginning of words is the first step to learning to read.


Remember to read with your child every day. Allow them to hold the book. Encourage your child to talk about the pictures and read some of the words.

Learning Journals

Each child has a Learning Journal that is evidence of the progress they are making. Your contribution to your child’s journal is very important. Every half term we will ask you to contribute to the Journal by telling us what learning you can see happening at home or at any clubs and activities your child may attend. 


We would like to locate in the environment every number from 1-100 we need your help. All you have to do is look carefully for numbers when you are out and about and when you find one, take a photo print it or send it rcoward@bellenden.sothwark.sch.uk  ezeffertt@bellendn.southwark.sch.uk

Dates for your Diary

On Friday 3rd November we are having a Winter Warmer afternoon where we will be experiencing some traditional Firework Night Activities and songs.  Please note that all nursery children will be invited to attend for the afternoon.

Reception PE is Tuesday.

Class themes

Our theme for this half term is based around friendship and settling into Nursery and Reception. The books we will be looking at are: This is our house by Michael Rosen, A Bit lost & Oh George by Chris Haughton and It’s Good to be Kind.

Reading & writing The children will be sharing their experiences through group discussions and using various media to create paintings, cards, letters, models and posters around the theme of ‘All about Me’ which includes new friendships and family.’ this gives us all the opportunity to get to know each other..   

The children will also join in name/circle songs and learn lots of new songs with repeated refrains.

As you can see from the list above there are lots of

exciting books around our theme that the children will

become familiar with.

Mathematics There will be lots of opportunities for children to use

numbers in the learning environment. The children will

take part in number songs as a whole class. 

They will be supported in recognising and sequencing

numbers especially those numbers that are significant to


Speaking and listening We will be encouraging the children to explain the marks they make, drawings, paintings and objects that they have created. We will be supporting the children to explain what is happening

in their play and to keep to a main theme when answering questions. Over time the children will grow in stamina and the praise and encouragement they will receive will

enable them to maintain attention during adult led activities.

Physical development The children will have opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills through activities to strengthen their fingers to get ready for forming letters. Reception will be taking part in P.E lessons indoors and outdoors. Playing in the outdoor learning environment also gives children in the early years multiple challenges for example throwing and catching, climbing, sliding, running and moving through/in/along and balancing on equipment.
Social skills Regular circle time games will help the children become

more confident to speak about their own needs and how to

ask for help. This activity is always a great time to get

together to develop friendships, knowledge of the

environment as well as to address any small issue.

Visits and events Science trip – looking for signs of Autumn.

Friday 20th October – It’s Good to be Me! Dressing up day

Friday 3rd November – Winter Warmer everyone welcome

(Nursery A & B) to join in games, songs and maybe

toasted marshmallows!